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Barry Kornfeld


About Barry Kornfeld

Barry Kornfeld is a Principal and Commercial Finance Consultant at Value Capital Funding, a financial firm based in Palm Beach, Florida that focuses on debt restructuring. With over three decades of experience within financial services, he says he felt he had a calling for the industry decades ago. Combining his comprehensive knowledge and experience in the financial services arena, with a client-focused approach, Barry’s business philosophy centers around providing a value-added experience and treating all clients with empathy and respect. 

It is this philosophy that eventually led Barry and his partners, his wife, Ferne, and his brother, to starting Value Capital Funding. His time within the financial services industry showed him that there was a gap in the marketplace that no one was filling—that companies were so over-leveraged but desperate to get out of debt with little options for moving forward. Oftentimes, these companies would apply for more loans, only to get declined due to how much they already borrowed. Barry Kornfeld and his partners realized that what businesses needed wasn’t more debt, but actually debt restructuring. 

Plenty of financial firms in the market offer debt solutions, but they mostly come in the form of more loans, more debt, with higher and higher costs, or annual interest rates. These solutions, while potentially helpful in the beginning, only work to worsen a company’s cash flow over time. Value Capital Funding, unlike other firms, decided to work exclusively with affordable financing and debt restructuring, opting out of the option to offer high cost-of -funds loans/advances. After all, it’s better to specialize in one thing than offer mediocre support in a variety of services.

They began reaching out to their specialized service partners and lenders to talk to them and figure out how they could specialize in debt restructuring. Now, years later, Barry Kornfeld and his partners are helping companies, small & medium-sized, all over the country steer clear of bankruptcy and rehabilitate their businesses. Many of their clients are small business owners, much like Barry and Ferne. Knowing how essential family-owned and operated businesses are to communities, he feels blessed to help them get back on their feet and continue to better their local cities, towns, and communities. 

When he’s not diligently working, Barry loves to spend time with his family. He is also a big sports fan, enjoying both pro and college basketball, NFL football, and MLB baseball (his favorite sport to watch if he finds himself needing a nap). Though he enjoys most sports, Barry is particularly fond of his hometown’s NBA team, Miami Heat. 

For years, Barry Kornfeld and his family had season tickets, and he has many fond memories tied to watching their games. For example, at the NBA Championship in 2006, the Miami Heat came back from being down 0-2 to win the series 4-2—becoming the only team in NBA history to come back from a 0-2 deficit—Barry remembers his kids (and he and Ferne!) going wild. Though sports offer great bonding opportunities with his kids, what Barry has always loved most is the athleticism, teamwork, and strategy that pro athletes, in particular, utilize.