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The renaissance of fantasy sports leagues has altered the stigma attached to real-world sports betting. It is now drifting away from the company of casino gambling and being viewed as a sporty, fun activity to play with friends, with the bonus of potential cash rewards. When betting in the real world, however, it’s essential to have a firm understanding of the sport itself as well as specific betting rules and terminology. Here are some tips when betting that can give you an advantage over other participants.

The odds will favor one team over another in any game, assigning them the terms favorite vs. underdog. The decision is made by oddsmakers and is based on multiple variables, such as draft picks and power rankings. The favorite team will have a minus sign next to their name, and the underdog will have a plus sign. This sign refers to a numerical spread, or handicap, also determined by oddsmakers, designed to even the playing field when it comes to gambling. 

At the end of the game, the margin of victory is compared to the spread. If they match, it is called a push, meaning a tie in the betting world. All bets are returned to the betters. In addition to covering a spread with a tie, the margin of error can also fall above or below the predicted spread. In this case, the favorite team must have a more considerable margin of error than the spread to declare a gambling win. If team A is favored against team B by seven points, that means team A needs to win by at least seven points to cover the spread and win, or team B needs to win the game or lose by less than six. 

Another betting style is called the Moneyline. Bettors choose either a team or a specific player to win a game and get money if they are correct. Much like covering a spread, the favorite team has a minus designation and an amount. That is the amount you need to bet. If the team wins, you receive half of your bet. Conversely, if you bet on the underdog, you only need to put down half the amount to win the full, doubled prize. The methodology is low risk, low reward for favorite teams, high-risk, high reward for underdog teams.