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Miami Heat’s latest acquisition, Victor Oladipo, has officially made his debut, and it is all that fans can talk about. This is a transition that Oladipo has been eyeing for years, and now it is time to discuss whether or not he measured up.

28-year-old Victor Oladipo has the rest of this season to convince the Miami Heat to keep him on board. According to an interview following Thursday’s game, Oladipo said that “[he] truly feel like it’s going to be a great fit. Hopefully, it’s for years to come.”

Starting With A Victory

Last Thursday’s game pitted Miami Heat against the Golden State Warriors, with the Heat taking the win at 116-109. Oladipo played a role in the victory, earning six points and three rebounds within twenty-three minutes

This season is looking strong for Miami Heat, as this game makes their third win in a row. Jimmy Butler, Duncan Robinson, Tyler Herro, and Bam Adebayo all had similar point ratios (22, 21, 20, and 19, respectively).

A Member of the Team

While it’s tempting to focus on the overall points earned in any given game, it’s essential to look at how the team works together. In Oladipo’s debut, Victor Oladipo provided a total of five assists, proving that he is a team player. 

Victor Oladipo’s primary focus, and reason for being brought onto the team, is defense. Combined with his ability to set his teammates up for success, his talents have the potential to take him far. 

Knowing When to Take a Risk

According to CBS, it would have been easy for the front office of Maimi Heat to wait out the season to grab Victor Oladipo. However, that is not what they opted to do. In the world of sports, especially the NBA, it’s important to know a good fit when you see one.

Oladipo has already paid off that risk. His knowledge on and off the court has already been evident. And it is one of the reasons why Miami Heat brought him on board. Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra had this to say about the athlete: “I think with more time, he’s going to get so much more comfortable and be able to really add to our offense.”